Screenshots Of Each Benefit


As often as needed NO FEE Doctor Visits for a prescription, medical question, or second opinion

Health Advocacy screenshot

Advocates assist you in navigating the insurance and healthcare system

Medical Bill Saver Screenshot

Experts negotiate reductions on your medical bills

Nurseline screenshot

Registered Nurses are available 24/7 for questions

Dental Powered by screenshot

Aetna Dental Access® ationwide dental savings

Provider Search screenshot 2

Know your exact discount with our Dental Pricing Tool

Provider Search screenshot

Locate providers anywhere in the US with our Provider Search Tool

Eyewear and Exams screenshot

Savings on eyewear and exams

Laser Surgery screenshot

Savings on LASIK surgery

Mail Order Contacts screenshot

Savings on contact lenses

Retail Pharmacy screenshot

Savings on retail and mail order pharmacy

Prescription Results screenshot

Search and compare drug prices at pharmacies across the US

Vitamins Screenshot

Savings on vitamins, supplements, and more

Diabetic Supplies screenshot

Savings on diabetic supplies

Retail Hearing Care screenshot

Savings on hearing aids

Also includes savings on Diabetic Supply, Hearing Health Care and Vitamins & Supplements!